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December 23, 2013
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Weapon Adoption 12 Christmas Swords RAFFLE CLOSED! by Forged-Artifacts Weapon Adoption 12 Christmas Swords RAFFLE CLOSED! by Forged-Artifacts


Katana Sword goes to: :iconcitrus-lime:
Long Sword goes to :iconoricharacentra: 

Congratulations! Hope you all had a great Christmas!! Happy New Year too everyone!


EDIT: CLOSED! Thanks to all who took part! The winners will be chosen with in the next 24 hours!. Anyone who favs this deviation now will not be in the raffle, but I appreciate you liking my piece all the same!

Blue Christmas Ornament -- Free Avatar by Hardrockangel

WEAPON GIVEAWAY RAFFLE! Read below on how to win these babies above!

Christmas is a time for giving, so these are my gifts this year!

Some mini backgrounds I made up for each one:

Katana: "When the sword is sheaved, it's golden light bursts through any crack it can find in the hilt, to show all who gazes upon it it's power. Once the sword is drawn, all light flows down to its blade ready to pierce and destroy the darkness within it's foes." 

Long Sword: "Crafted by a famous Sword's smith many eons ago, it was passed down from one wielder to another but none came to unleash it's full potential. The sword continues to await it's true partner, one that will unite and fulfill it's destiny and bring peace to the land it protects."

Christmas Pudding - Free Avatar by Hardrockangel

How to Win


To enter this giveaway all you need to do is fav this piece! Once you do it places a number next to your name so when I use a random generator I can easily find the winners!
Comments are not necessary but those who do along with faving shows me how interested in the weapons you are! (Plus I like to read them<333)

There will be two winners!
If you are a winner you can give the weapon to another!
Anyone can fav this, you don't need to be a watcher to enter!

For more information about rules on my Adoptable's please go here:…

This raffle ends on December 26th 11pm GMT
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wolfnoom Jan 29, 2014   Digital Artist
their cool, diggin th design, fluid and nice
Kirana-chan Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
congrats to the winners ^^
laurasnake Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh, how do you do so many high-quality gorgeous designs? ;3;
Your style is just perfect haha <33
It has become my passion so I work hard on the colouring, which I believe makes the weapon look 'high quality' I guess?
Thank you too sweetie! <333
laurasnake Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh, I guess so c: Your style is just perfect though, haha~
Aw you're welcome <33
gosh I'm really in love with you weapon designs! not only are they unique but the way you put so much detail into them and how much effort you obviously put in really shows <3 I always miss out on your weapons but i will one day get a design from you <3 gosh you're very nice to do a giveaway for these amazing designs! 
Thank you so much! <3
I am happy to do it. These weapons were an experiment on a new way of colouring that I wanted to try, and seeing everyone's reaction to them I am delighted, and eager to do more in the new year! 
I'm really in love with this coloring style! IT's very unique and shows off the weapons perfectly <3 almost like they're real! 
I'm happy! >//V//<
I'm really impressed! :heart:
Have your Gallery browsed through .. *.* I am a dummy! 
Fantastic weapons! :TheClap: 
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